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2019 October 14


2019 October 8


Film;  Weather

Fujifilm Superia (35mm)

Monday consisted of an all-day soaking rain.  This can be good for autumn color.  Cooler days and cold nights (above freezing) seem to make the leaf color intensify.  This could be a time for the new Kodak Ektachrome slide film. 

Woodworking;  Metal & Shop

The hammer-and-block method for dismantling pallets is still one of the two or three best methods, because it usually won't splinter the planks.  But lately I've been looking into those "pallet prybars" and what it takes to weld one together.  These things will occasionally split the wood, but when they work, they are convenient.

If you want to take apart pallets and you do want to use a prybar, there are plenty of them for sale through this link, for cheaper than you could probably build one yourself.  Even $50 or $60 is a good deal compared to the amount of time you'd spend cutting metal, grinding, and welding.  There are some on there as low as $25.

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