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2019 June 19


Camera Repair

New:  Canon EOS 620 Battery Drain.  The basic repair was mentioned in a couple places around the 'net, but I really wanted to see what the voltage readings would be, instead of just modifying the camera without knowing why.

At one point, the camera in "off" position was drawing 40 milliamps.  Cycling the power switch made it decrease, but it was still too much.  Find out why.

2019 June 14



On June 10, Fujifilm announced they'll be making Neopan Acros 100 again.  It will be a slightly different emulsion called Acros II, having even finer grain (if that's possible).  Acros 100 was one of the sharpest B&W films out there, a favorite of many.  This is great news for sure.

Even better, they're planning to make it in both 35mm and 120 sizes.

It should be available sometime in the autumn.

More fantastic news, this time from Kodak Alaris:  they're planning to offer the new Kodak Ektachrome E100 in 120 and sheet film.  Right now they're working on the formulas to be able to coat the emulsions onto the 120 and sheet film (they're different from 35mm). 

We need a color positive film in large format, so this is great news.

2019 June 10

Monday Evening


New:  How To Test Transformers.  This is not quite the full range of tests that a professional field tech would run on a big power transformer, but it should help you decide whether an old transformer is going to work or not.  This article goes along with the Vacuum Tube Voltmeter refurb project, for obvious reasons.

2019 June 5

Wednesday Evening


New:  Repair of an RCA Vacuum Tube Voltmeter, Part 1.

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