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2019 March 18

Monday evening


Kodak 400TX at E.I. 1600
Minolta X-700 with 50mm f/1.7

2019 March 14



The Landscape of March and Early April

Minolta Hi-Matic AF2

(Camera scanned as usual, because it's easier and better than a minilab.)

The longer days, combined with the still-cold temperatures and leafless trees, create a unique atmosphere. 

2019 March 7


Here's a picture of what the box looks like for the new Kodak Ektachrome E100.  This can help you differentiate between old-stock E100G and the actual new stuff.  There actually is a lot of the old E100G still out there for sale.  Still a good film, but from what I've seen of E100G, the new E100 is actually somehow better.  (I never used to shoot E100G that much, because I was all about Elite Chrome 100 and Ektachrome E100VS).  E100 is stellar.  I know I don't have enough pics taken with it up on this site yet, because I've been on such a metal-shop kick lately.

This link should have the new E100.  Look for the ones that resemble that picture shown above. 

2019 March 6


Bottle Jack With Hydraulic Oil

Panasonic DMC-FZ1000

A lot of used bottle jacks have bad seals.  Some have pitting from water getting in past the seals.  I (almost) never seem to have good results trying to fix these.  After a while, the time and effort wasted on "cheap" starts to look like not such a bargain.  If you want a reliable bottle jack-- one that works every time, one that's made in USA-- you'd be much better off getting one of these.

2019 March 4

Monday evening



New:  Anthracite in the Upgraded 55-Gallon Drum Forge.  The results were much better than in the initial attempt.

Photo was taken with a Canon EOS 6D.  The typical used prices through that link (or try this link for a new one) are now down to an affordable level, considering that this is a full-frame DSLR whose image quality is essentially the same as the 5D Mark III.  The 6D is still a winner, seven years after its introduction. 

A brand-new Canon 80D is about the same price as a brand-new Canon 6D "gray market", and the 80D probably makes more sense if you do Youtube videos or something... but for still images I'd choose the 6D even now. 

2019 March 2-3


Metal & Shop

On The Difficulties Of Forge Welding


New:  Blacksmithing Project:  Forge Weld Fail (and Salvage).  In this project, I learned why there are certain items that blacksmiths rarely attempt to make out of a single piece of steel.

That, and I learned that if I had any ambitions of making pattern-welded steel, they're gonna have to wait awhile.

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