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2020 April 6


New:  Choosing a Wood Chisel.  Also looked at:  a tool that may be more versatile than a regular wood chisel.  The question with any multi-tasking tool is whether it can do the basic tasks well.  Find out.

2020 April 5


New:  Cheap 110/120-Volt Stick Welders:  Hitbox AT2000.  A look at this (and similar) welding machines.  Find out what's good about them... and what might not be.

At the moment I don't see this one on Amazon, but there's a very similar welder (or several of them) available on there, as mentioned in the article.

2020 April 2



Fujifilm Superia (35mm)
Developed with Unicolor Kit

Updated:  AC Welders:  Obsolete Or Classic?.  I updated some of the product links and added a few more comments.  Also working on another welding article.

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