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2019 February 15


New:  Blacksmithing Project:  Flux Spoon.  Not as simple as a coal rake, perhaps, but this could still be a beginner project. 

2019 February 10


Updated:  Lamp Bracket, Part 2.  First picture in that article shows what I started out with.  See what I made it into.  I still won't say I know what I'm doing, but I feel like this was a big improvement.

2019 February 6


Metal & Shop
The lamp bracket is gradually transforming into something else;  pictures on the way. 

Tech, Electronics
A reader liked the article on Fixing a Vintage LED Clock.  He fixed the clock for his wife, and sure enough it was a bad 330 uF cap.

2019 February 4


Metal & Shop

New Article:  Lamp Bracket, Part 2.  This was a blacksmithing project that was on hold for a while, sort of in the hope that I would acquire more skills in the meantime. 


The first (and hopefully last?) Polar Vortex of 2019 has gone.  Temperatures went from below-zero Fahrenheit to 40+ F in the span of a couple days. 

February, though, has traditionally been the coldest month.  At this point, who knows?

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