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2020 January 22

Then I consulted with myself, and I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and said unto them, Ye exact usury, every one of his brother. And I set a great assembly against them.

-Nehemiah 5:7

2020 January 19


There was an article I had been planning, on how to upgrade one of those fold-up worktables that were popular for a while.  (I had gotten a used one for cheap, thinking it might be useful.)  So I had a couple of photos of it around here somewhere, because I went to the length of painting the top of that worktable.  The top was made of some type of medium-density fiberboard-like material, and I thought that painting it would make it durable outside for a while.

And it sort of did.  But then what happened was that the paint cracked along the edges of the MDF, and from there, it pretty much deteriorated.  So anyway, I still might put an article about it up here, if I can find those photos.

2020 January 09

Thursday evening


This is part of a basic wooden tray that I tried making from 3/8" plywood.  A while ago, I got a chunk of steel that was sort of L-shaped, and it looked like a perfect right angle.  It pretty much is a perfect right angle, and you can see it clamped there in the picture.  This has proven to be better than a corner clamp would be for a project like this.

The main challenge, beyond ensuring 90-degree corners, is to keep from splitting the 3/8" plywood.  Those are 3-penny nails, 1 1/4" long.  If this works out well, maybe I'll post a full build article. 

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