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2017 November 14

OK, time for film.  These are not from mid-November;  this is more what the foliage looked like from about Oct. 23 to about Nov. 10.  The early morning hours of the 10th (Friday) and especially the 11th (Saturday) were cold enough for that heavy frost I was talking about.  Were it not for those "polar vortex" days, the foliage would still look like this:

Fujichrome Velvia 50 (35mm)

Fujichrome Velvia 50 (35mm)

The slide film, especially, is electric. It's like the colors are made from pure elemental awesome. Each year I say, "Nah, I'm not gonna bother taking more pictures of foliage", and then I see the color slide film and it's like Wow, I should have taken MORE photos with this. But then, I also like the colors of an Ektar, Portra, or even good ol' Superia, and this year I did shoot a few pictures with Portra 400.  Just so I don't forget, that was on 11/4 and I used an AF Nikkor 70-210mm f/4-5.6 for those, same lens I used for this 2nd photo with the Fujichrome Velvia 50.

2017 November 13

Well there you have it;  some photos of November foliage and skies, arranged according to the days.  Couple more pictures, plus some film ones, soon hopefully.  Will try to get these together, with some more substantial updates, when I get a couple more metalworking articles ready.

Update: Guys, you're right... we need some film on here. A reader was just saying that he looked on the recent updates and expected some pictures on Fujichrome or maybe Ektar. I don't want to call the digital photos just "placeholders", because I like me a Canon DSLR, but they are placeholders of a sort.

2017 November 12

Z 22:13:56

November 12, 2017

A sunset photo, taken around quarter past five.

2017 November 11

Blue skies in morning, hazed up with jet trails by about noon.  By 1:30 it was like this; didn't do much photography:

Canon Rebel T6S

How did it go for you?  I know that at least some of you are out there with the big film (4x5 and 8x10) in color.  Hoping you got some great photos.

Photo Hikes
I had this pair of boots that I never wore much;  I had thought they might be good for rugged photo walks.  They mostly sat around for the past several years.  You can see from the uppers that they've gotten some use, but actually not much.  Couple short hikes, few days around the front yard, but really that's all.

Took them out the other day and found both soles disintegrated, as you can see here.  Something must have changed in the materials composition, because it used to be that synthetic soles would last until they wore clean out. 

Apparently quite a few other people had this same issue. 

Footwear is about the most important thing for any type of hike, even an afternoon photowalk.  If your hiking shoes are not comfortable, it doesn't matter what kind of camera-lens combo you have. 

I haven't tried them, but these boots by Lowa are supposed to be good ones. 

2017 November 8

Alright, I did get a few pictures so far this season.  Here, bright autumn colors with clear blue sky:  best kind of weather (leaves not really being part of "weather", but you know what I mean.)

November 8, 2017

Slight elevation of curves, mostly mid- to lower-mid range, to brighten up the shaded foliage.

2017 November 6

So here I did manage to go for a quick drive, even though the weather was rainy.  It was not a prolific photo shoot.  A day of light drizzle with stratus clouds is actually pleasant, but nimbostratus has that sullen, "imminent downpour" look that most of us don't really like so much.

At 100% relative humidity, there's a good chance it will either be raining or foggy, but this day the air was very humid even if you couldn't see it. I don't know that it was 100% r.h., but sure seemed like it.  Cold, too.  Not a good type of day to get lost in the woods, so uh, "don't leave the trail".

A cheap, thin rain poncho is better than nothing, but when the nimbostratus are dark and gray and they're practically skimming the treetops, you might as well bring a heavy duty poncho with you.

2017 November 4

This year was unusual in that the foliage was about two weeks late. At least that's how it appeared. One result of that is that it's a shorter time (probably) until the first heavy frost, which means the leaves will fall off just as they're starting to get good color.

The autumn leaves between October 23 and now were actually pretty good.

Autumn Leaves and Evergreens

Canon Rebel T6S
November 4, 2017

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