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2019 September 12

Thursday eve.

Looking at the sky in this photo, you may notice some vertical streaks.  A reader asks what causes this.  Old stabilizer can cause some of this type of discoloration.  But this one, with the color shifting as well, could be from incomplete blix.  (Storing the blix at room temp will deplete it faster.) 

2019 September 10


One thing about C-41 chems, especially if you store the solutions at room temperature... they can cause certain "effects" in the pictures.  This was something I'd been planning to do an article on;  a reader asked me about it recently, also. 

2019 September 3


Metal & Shop

New:  Brazing Heavy Wires and Cables.  A reader had asked about this.  Here's the beginnings of an article;  it needs some photos.  (Soon, hopefully).

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