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2019 July 12

Friday evening

New:  Heavy-Duty Cart Build, Part 4.  The main structural assembly.  If done right, this is going to be way more durable and rugged than pretty much anything you could buy ready-made.  (For a look at a very typical "big-box store" lawn cart, see the first article in the series.)

2019 July 9


Camera Repair

In the 1970's and 80's, most of the big-name camera companies offered fixed-lens compact film cameras.  By this time, most of them had autofocus.

Some compacts have mediocre lenses, but a fixed-lens compact that's made in Japan should at least be good enough for all-around photography. 

That means, especially as time goes by, that these cameras might be worth repairing.  Many consumer goods have been cast aside for each new thing.  We're in a peculiar time where planned obsolescence has given way to forced obsolescence.  Heaps of molded black plastic, full of machine-assembled surface-mount circuitry that's tough to repair, if you could even get a schematic for them... this is what there is now, mostly. 

I never thought I'd actually want 1980's electronics, or think of them with any enthusiasm.  But some of them are well-made and probably repairable, if you can deal with the complexity.

80's AF film compacts do have some complicated circuitry, but they seem fixable.

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