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This article is pretty simple:  a look at five great gifts for that DIY'er or home handyman in your family.

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In This Article

One:  A Great Pair of Pliers

Two:  Awesome Pliers Holder For Your Belt

Three:  Keep Your Boots Dry

Four:  No Rust Here!

Five:  The Most Ingenious Fuel Funnel



Channellock E318 Pliers

Longer than usual for extra reach.  They have pipe-grip jaws and wire cutters, too.  And they're Made in USA

These could to be the most underrated, overlooked variety of Channellocks I've seen in a while.  Needlenose pliers are one of the two most useful types, far as I'm concerned.  They're especially great if you work on electronics, electrical stuff, or machinery.  And with this pair, you get the two other functions as well.

Get yours here or here.


CLC 768 Plier Holder

Such a simple item, but if you use pliers, you need one of these.  The one in the picture is already well-worn but it's still going strong, carrying an old pair of linesman pliers.  (The Channellock E318's are going in here soon.)

Carry your favorite pliers out on the jobsite, up on a ladder, or just working in the shop... and you don't need to worry about losing them, because the strap holds them in place.  For the price of these things, get two or three. 

You could probably make room for one of these on a full-fledged tool belt.

I don't know if these are made in USA or not, but nobody else I know of makes one with a retention strap like this.

Pro-Tip:  As soon as you get one of these, immediately apply Item #3 in this list.  It will greatly prolong the service life.  The ones shown above already have it.


Atsko Sno Seal

This is a proprietary mixture of beeswax and a thinner (probably a type of mineral spirits), which allows it to be applied easily.  If you really want it to sink into the leather, preheat your oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then turn off the oven, set the leather in there on a tray, and let it warm up for a bit.  Take the leather out of the oven, apply the Sno-Seal, and it will melt into the leather.  (Another method:  use a hair dryer to heat the leather, then turn off the hair dryer and apply Sno-Seal before it cools down.)

Does this stuff darken leather?  Yes it does, but I think that looks great on a lot of stuff.  Boots and tool belts, especially.  There are other leather conditioners that cost more money, but good ol' Sno Seal is still one of the most popular, and for good reason.  Helps keep your boots dry in rainy or snowy weather. 

Made in USA.  Get your Sno Seal here or here.  If you're outdoors much, or you make stuff out of leather, waxed canvas, or similar materials, it's a good idea to get the quart size (try this link or this one).


Fluid Film

This is the all-around BEST spray-on rust preventative that I've ever tried.  It is highly tenacious, it flows into very fine gaps, it contains lanolin, and it's Made in USA

Fluid Film is thicker than most of its competitors, yet it gets into iron and steel surfaces like nothing else I have seen.  It's perfect for tools or equipment that will be outdoors a lot.   Get yours here or here.


Mr. Funnel Portable Fuel Filter

This is the only funnel I know of that can actually remove water droplets from fuel.  It's meant to work with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and heating oil.  It also works with two-cycle mix.  When I tested this thing, it probably paid for itself in the first use.  It kept behind a big ol' water droplet that I never would have seen. 

And this great funnel is Made in USA.

If you use a lawnmower, snow blower, weed trimmer, chainsaw, generator, car, SUV, or just about anything else that takes fuel, I think you will benefit greatly from one of these. 

This funnel could save the day if you ever have to drive some desert highway where the gasoline might be sketchy (i.e., moisture, rust particles, dirt) 

Once you try one of these, you probably won't want to be without it!  Get one and keep it in your car or SUV toolbox.  Get yours here or try this link.  The AF1CB is good for small engines like push mowers.  If you're working with five, six gallons of fuel at a time, get the AF3CB instead.


Well there you have it, my friends:  five great tools and shop items in the $25-or-less price range.  (As of December 2016.)  What's great is that most of these things are Made in USA.  And once you try them, I think you will wonder how you ever did without them.  To me, those are the best types of inventions!


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Thanks for reading!

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