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Reviews & Guides


Camera Repair &

Camera Reviews
Miscellaneous How-To
Medium and Large Format
Versus Digital!

Food & Nutrition

Reviews - Cookware & Kitchen Gear




Lens Miscellany
Lens Reviews

Metal & Shop

Shop Tips (Metal)
Brazing & Soldering


Techniques & Art Theory


Metal & Shop
Shop Tips


Reviews & Buying Guides
Tool Handles


Various DIY Projects
Shop Tips (Wood)
Workbenches & Tables

Weather, Sky, & Outdoor

Photography etc.
Survival How-To

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Audio:   How-To

Amplifier "Pops" When Powered On... How To Fix It?
Compact Disc In a Hot Car
Compact Disc Repair
Connecting a Different Power Supply To Your Phono Pre-Amp
Power Supplies for your Phono Pre-Amp / Headphone Amp  (an overview)
Recording Vinyl LP's (How-To)
Speaker Hum - How To Fix It
Speaker Polarity - Important?
Turntables - How to Hook One Up
Vinyl LP's (How To Clean Them)
Vinyl LP's (How to Clean Them, Part II)
Vinyl LP's (How to Record Them To MP3 / CD / etc.)

Audio:  Reviews & Guides

Bellari VP130 Phono Stage / Headphone Amp
Guide to Audio Gear
Low-Priced Turntables
MP3 Players, Linux Compatible
Onkyo C7030 CD Player
Sangean WR-11 Table Radio
Speakers:  Genius / GX Gaming SW-G2.1 1250 Powered Speaker System
Speakers:  Sansui SP-30
Speakers:  Zenith Allegro 2000
Turntables for Scratchy Thrift-Store Vinyl
Turntables:  Wow and Flutter

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Digital cameras & photography

Digital Camera Reviews & Guides

Canon EOS Rebel T6S (750D)
Panasonic DMC-FZ1000
Panasonic DMC-ZS50

Digital Photography Articles

(For more, see also "Digital Camera Reviews & Guides")

Bridge Cameras in 2015-2016?  A bit of conjecture.

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Walk into your local superstore and start talking about capacitors, resistors, and diodes, and they'll look at you like you have six heads.  So read my website instead, and we'll talk about tearing apart electronic stuff, and (hopefully) fixing it too. 

Also in this section, some electrical-power stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Electronics:  How-To

Amplifier "Pops" When Powered On... How To Fix It?
Connecting a Different Power Supply To Your Phono Pre-Amp
Diodes - How To Test With a Multimeter
How To Power a Phono Pre-Amp with the PS-1501s (etc.)
LED Clock Runs Too Fast?  - a likely cause, and the fix
LED Monitor - Corner Shadow / Backlight Repair
Open Neutral on the Utility Side:  How To Detect It
Solar Power For Almost Any Radio
Soldering Heavy Wires & Cables
Soldering Heavy Wires & Cables II (Short Version with more pictures!)
Transistors - How To Test With a Multimeter

Electronics:  Product Reviews & Guides

Battery Charger:  Solar #1002
Multimeter:  MF47A
Multimeter:  Micronta 22-175A
Multimeter:  Micronta 22-203
Multimeter:  Simpson 260-8P
Power Supply:  PS-1501s
Surge Protectors... and the 25-Cent Part That's Killing Your Electronics

See also:  Audio.

Electronics:   Radio

7 Radio Listening Tips
Grundig G5 World Band Radio (Review)
Hot Chassis Part 2:  The mystery of the BC-342 Receiver
Midland WR-120EZ Weather Radio (Review)
Sangean WR-11 Table Radio (Review)
Tecsun PL-880 World Band Radio (Review)

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The real deal.  Accept no imitations. 

Be sure to read this intro to the subject, and learn why many of us are so into film.

Film:  Camera Repair & Troubleshooting

Blurry TLR, Part 2:  Diagnosing and Fixing Focus Problems on a Yashica MAT
Camera Maintenance, General Tips & Tools
Olympus Trip35:  Overexposed Pictures?
Olympus Trip35:  Re-Focusing The Lens Element

Film:  Camera Reviews 

Chinon CS
Konica C35
Mamiya RB67
Minolta Hi-Matic AF2
Olympus OM-2 / OM-2n
Olympus Trip 35
Yashica Electro 35

Film:  Developing

Developing Black & White Film
Developing Color Negative Film
Ilfotec DD-X 1+9:  Developer Notes
Kodak HC-110:  Re-Using Diluted Developer
Pushing Kodak Tri-X to 6400 and Beyond
Unicolor C-41 Kit:  Roll Capacity and Extended Dev Times

Film:  Miscellaneous How-To & Reference

Camera Maintenance  
Getting Started In Large Format
Orange Filters for Black & White Photography
Orange Filters II:  Metering With Your Camera (quick how-to)
Storing Negatives and Slides

Film:  Medium & Large Format

Getting Started In Large Format
Graflex How-To, Part 1
Mamiya RB67

Film:  Scanning

Anti-Newton-Ring Glass for Scanning
How to "Scan" Slides With a DSLR
Scanning Miscellany:  Extender Rings, Bridge Cameras, Autofocus

Film:  Versus Digital!

Film vs. Digital 2012 (and onward)
Slide Film

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Food & Nutrition

... because you probably like food.  So let's talk about some good stuff to eat.  

This section has food recipes, nutrition-related articles, and kitchen gadget reviews. 

Food:  Desserts

Applesauce Bread

Banana Bread

Food:  Soups

Beef Bone Broth
Lentil Soup
Potato Soup

Food:  Vegetables

Sweet Potatoes

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Most artists display their stuff in real art galleries, as well they should.  Visit art galleries whenever you can do that.  There is much to be said for viewing real prints on a gallery wall, instead of a computer screen.

Right now I'm so busy working on this site that I don't have time to cart my stuff to a gallery, or even mail it there.  (That, and most of my work is not even in picture frames right now.)

So, for the time being, I'll display some of it here for your enjoyment.   That, and also because it helps to illustrate various points about cameras and photography.

Galleries - Camera-Specific

Canon EOS Rebel T6s gallery 
Konica C35 gallery (Film)
Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 gallery (Film)

Galleries - Film

Kodak Ektachrome and Elite Chrome
Kodak E100 (The Return of Ektachrome)
Kodak Tri-X at 12800

Galleries - Rust

Rust, Page 2  (Velvia 50)

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Camera lenses are made in varying degrees of quality, different focal lengths, etc.  Here are a few articles & reviews. 

Lenses:  Miscellany

Fun With Cheap Lenses

Lenses:  Reviews

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Metal & Shop


Anvil Stand, Part I - a look at different types & build methods
Blacksmith Forge 1.0:  Side-Blast Forge from a 55-Gallon Drum
Blacksmith Forge 1.1:  First Attempt With Anthracite
Blacksmith Forge 2.0:  Upgraded 55-Gallon Drum Forge with Wood and Charcoal
Blacksmith Forge 2.1:  Upgraded 55-Gallon Drum Forge with Anthracite
Blacksmith Tool:  Improvised Swage from a Lawnmower Blade
Blacksmithing, Small-Scale
Blacksmithing Project:  Borax Spoon
Blacksmithing Project:  Hand-Forged Drawer Pulls for a Toolbox
Blacksmithing Project:  Hand-Forged Drawer Pulls, Part II
Blacksmithing Project:  Lamp Bracket From Mild Steel - plain but functional (hopefully.)
Blacksmithing Project:  Lamp Bracket, Part II - see what I made this into.  Includes an improbable forge weld!
Blacksmithing Project:  Round Punch from Mild Steel

Brazing & Soldering

Silver Brazing the Fuel Pickup for a Lawn Tractor (Without Killing Yourself)
Soldering Heavy Wires & Cables

Shop Tips & Various Skills

Basic Shop Project:  Copper Rivets and a Galvanized Funnel
Shop Tips #1:  Organizing Small Parts
Shop Tips #2:  Clamping & Gluing (This one is mostly woodworking.)
Shop Tips #3:  Bench Vises
Shop Tips #4:  Efficiency


1/16" Electrode Comparison: 6011 vs. 7014 
1/16" Electrode Welding Tips 
1979 Taiwan Vise Upgrade  - a little "hack welding" fun
7018 Electrodes For 120-Volt Welders
AC Stick Welding  - using a Lincoln AC225 for thick steel
Anvil Stand, Part II - welding up a steel tripod
Extension Cords For 120-Volt Welders  Why that generic cord is not enough.
Forney #298 Easy Weld 100 ST  (Review)
Milwaukee Hand Truck Upgrade  - making a good hand truck even better
Sheet Metal Welding, Sort Of.  Cheapest-junk lawn cart known to man;  stick welder;  what could go wrong? 
Vise Repair with Brazing and Welding
Vise Repair with Nomacast

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General photography, artistic techniques, and that sort of thing. 

Art Theory

Photography Techniques:  Light Metering & EV

External Light Meters:  Do You Need One?
Grit, Grain, & Contrast:  Night Photography on Film

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This is sort of a catch-all.  Everything from camera tripods to computers, and whatever doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.

There was getting to be a lot of metal & woodshop content.  So I gave Metal and Wood their own sections. 

Tech:  Camera

Camera Maintenance
Orange Filters for Black & White Photography

Tech:  Computer

Tech:  Metal & Shop

7018 Electrodes For 120-Volt Welders
Blacksmithing, Small-Scale
Blacksmithing Project:  Hand-Forged Drawer Pulls for a Toolbox
Blacksmithing Project:  Hand-Forged Drawer Pulls, Part II
Forney #298 Easy Weld 100 ST  (Review)
Lawnmower Repair:  Bent Crankshaft
Nicholson Files Made In Mexico  (Review)
Rust And How To Stop It
Shop Presses  - A Guide & How-To
Tekton Bench Vise  (Review)
Vise Repair With Brazing and Welding

Further Metal & Shop articles will be here from now on.

Tech:  Shop Tips

Shop Tips #01:  Organizing & Storage
Shop Tips #02:  Clamping & Gluing (Wood)

Tech: Various

A Super-Cheap AM Antenna!
Headlamps: Princeton Tec "Byte" and "Sync" Review
Solar Power For Almost Any Radio (a how-to guide)
Surge Protectors and the 25-cent part that's killing your electronics

Tech:   Workspaces & Tables

Backyard Metal-Shop Work Table On Sawhorses
Finishing a Laminated Workbench Top
Making a Worktable
Wood Finishes For Particle Board & MDF Workbenches

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Reviews & Guides

Blacksmith Tongs:  Gedore Wolf-Jaw  (Review)
Block Planes and why they're better than I ever thought.
Files:  Corona 4-in-1  (Review)
Files:  Nicholson 4-in-Hand  (Review)
Files:  Tekton 8" Shoe Rasp  (Review)
Five Great Tools & Workshop Items, Each $25 Or Less
Five MORE Great Tools & Workshop Items, Mostly Under $50
Flashlight:  Craftsman 700-lumen  (Review)
Flashlight:  Makita DML-802  (Review)
Headlamp:  Princeton Tec Byte  (Review)
Headlamp:  Princeton Tec Sync  (Review)
Leather Stitching:  A Beginner Attempt
Sander:  Makita BO5041K Random Orbit  (Review)
Vise Buyer's Guide:  "A Useful Ratio"  (Guide)
Vise:  Tekton 54004  (Review)
Vise:  The Rotating Lump of Rust  (Unknown Chinese Rotating Vise)
Vise:  Yost 104 (Made In USA)  (Review)
Vise:  Yost 480  (Review)
Vise:  Yost 865-DI (Made In USA)  (Review)

For blacksmithing tools, see Blacksmithing.

Tool Handles

Tool Handles, Part 2:  Handle From a Tree Branch

Weather, Sky, & Outdoor

Weather:  Photography etc.

Chasing Thunderheads!
Forecasting Autumn Color
Freezing Fog
How to Photograph Fireworks
How to Photograph Lightning
How to Photograph the Moon

Weather & Outdoor Gear:  Reviews

AcuRite Digital Weather Forecaster
Princeton Tec LED Headlamps: "Byte" and "Sync"

Weather:  Survival How-To

Photowalker's Survival Guide
Photowalker's Survival Guide, Part II


Shop Tips (Wood)

Clamping & Gluing

Various DIY Projects

Pallets, How To Dismantle
Rustic Toolbox From Salvaged Wood  Old-school carpenter's tote that stands on its own feet.
Sawhorses, I-Beam Type 
Tool Crate  from plywood.  Bolt it to a hand truck, or use it stand-alone.
Tool Rack from a Two-By-Four.  One of the easiest and most useful DIY projects you can do!

Wood Finishes

Polyurethane, Particle Board, and Bubbles
Tried & True Danish Oil (under construction)
Tried & True Original on a Plank Top
Wood Finishes for Particle Board & MDF

Workbenches & Tables

Making a Worktable
Of Rabbets and 4x4's  (Or: How To Build STRONG Work Table Legs)
Sawhorse Worktable:  Easy, Cheap, and Good
Wood Finishes for Laminated Plank Tops
Wood Finishes for Particle Board & MDF

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