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Sangean WR-11 Table Radio

Film Camera Reviews

Chinon CS
Konica C35
Mamiya RB67
Minolta Hi-Matic AF2
Olympus OM-2 / OM-2n

Film Developing

Kodak HC-110:  Re-Using Diluted Developer
Pushing Kodak Tri-X to 6400 and Beyond
Unicolor C-41 Kit:  Roll Capacity and Extended Dev Times

Film (Miscellaneous)

Grit, Grain, & Contrast - Night Photography on Film
Film vs. Digital - one of the articles that began this website
Slide Film - still one of the greatest photographic inventions, ever

Food & Nutrition

Applesauce Bread recipe
Banana Bread recipe
Lentil Soup recipe
Potato Soup recipe


12800: Pushing Kodak Tri-X Film
Ektachrome and Elite Chrome - anticipating the new Ektachrome (2017)
Ektachrome E100 - the return of Kodak Ektachrome! (2018)
Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 - gallery that goes with the camera review

Metal & Shop

1979 Taiwan Vise Upgrade  - a little "hack welding" fun
Anvil Stand, Part I - a look at different types & build methods
Anvil Stand, Part II - welding up a steel tripod
1/16" Electrode Comparison: 6011 vs. 7014 
1/16" Electrode Welding Tips 
Forney #298 Easy Weld 100 ST  (Review)
Hand Truck Upgrade  - welding project
Vise Repair with Nomacast

Tech, Miscellaneous

Rust, and How To Stop It


Pallets! - a couple ways to dismantle them
Pine Countertop - looks great, works great.
Rustic Tool Box / Tool Bin - 1800's style
Saw Horses, I-Beam type
Saw Horse Work Table
Tool Crate from Plywood - Part 2 of the hand truck upgrade
Tool Rack From a 2x4 - super easy to build
Work Table - build one or buy it? 
Work Table Legs from 4x4's - how to make SUPER STRONG table legs 

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