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2020 May 22

Friday eve.

New:  Basic Utility Table & Workbench.  This one can be made almost any size you want.  Make a small one for a side table;  or, scale it up into a full-sized workbench, complete with a woodworking vise.

2020 May 15


New:  I-Beam Sawhorse Upgrade.  Just a simple DIY project to add plywood gussets to a pair of sawhorses. 

2020 May 14

Thursday eve.

A reader from the UK says he has a Micronta multimeter similar to the one I wrote about a while ago.  He wondered how things went with that 22-203 I was working on.  So I updated that article a bit.

2020 May 9

Saturday eve.

This goes with the article where I attempted to do an improbable four-layer weld that didn't work out so great.  (A little ambitious for a beginner blacksmith...)  At the stage shown here, this brazing looks pretty awful as well.  That was done to salvage this piece, so it would still be a useful tool instead of scrap.

Thing is, though, bronze brazing on stuff like this often does look pretty sketchy at first, but as long as you get a good metal bond, it will last practically forever. 

I'll add this photo to the article as soon as I can, but if you want to read about a blacksmithing project that went a little better, see this article

Right now I'm trying to re-organize some of the photo galleries and update some of the product links in the existing articles.

For you photographers, a few stats on this picture:

One Of The Best Digital Cameras Ever Made
ISO 6400
f/11 @ 1/60th sec.

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