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2020 March 27

Friday eve.

Z-Time 23:38:22

27 March 2020

This was a Canon Rebel, Landscape picture styles, with the 24-105 IS STM lens.  Any of the Canon DSLR's made since about 2012 are great for landscape photography.  Today, though, I think one of the best choices in a landscape camera would have to be one of these.  With lens, brand new, you can get one for considerably less than a refurbished 5D Mark IV (without lens). 

I just like a camera that has good resolution, good color, and it just works.  The main thing that hindered the 6D Mark II's popularity is its lack of 4K video, but with a camera like this, I don't see a need for that feature anyway.  (To me, the original 6D is stellar for still-only photography, even though it does video if you need that;  it would be even better with the 6D MkII, with its much improved autofocus and better sensor resolution)

Simplicity of design.  That reminds me of how much I like Graflex cameras (large format film).  One of these days I need to get the 4x5 out.  I think there's still some Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5+ in a couple of film holders.  The main reason I don't use 4x5 more often is its lack of easy "macro" photography.

By the way, almost ready with a couple of woodshop and metalworking articles. 

2020 March 22


New:  Audio Technica AT-LP120 Turntable Review.  Yes, a "new" old review that I never got around to posting, even though I've had this turntable for quite a while now.  In 2020 they actually have an updated version of this turntable, so the article covers that one, too. 

It seems like right now, we're in as good a time to listen to LP's as ever.  Far as I'm concerned, a turntable is the ultimate "home entertainment center".  You can order plenty of LP's and have them shipped to you...

2020 March 15


Recently I was looking for metalworking swage tools, and I happened upon something really neat.  It's metalwork, not a tool for making stuff, but a product that's already made.  It's wearable, and it looks awesome.  Check this out.

2020 March 12


Micronta Benchtop Multimeter

Minolta X-700 w/ 50mm f/1.8 lens 35mm Ilford HP5+ 400 at E.I. 400
Probably f/5.6 @ 1/30th
Kodak HC-110 Dilution B, 20% depletion = time factor 1.25, approx. 7 minutes at 70 F.

This is a photo I posted of the 22-175A back in 2018, but it seems I'd forgotten to post the article that was supposed to go with it.  I might put back the old sitemap, instead of changing it;  am trying to organize some of these articles.  Workin' on it. 

2020 March 10


New:  Leather Stitching:  1980's Vintage Camera Bag, Part II.  So I finally got around to stitching on the other two buckle straps on that camera bag.  And in the process, I learned a bit more about leatherworking.  I don't claim to be great at sewing or leather stitching, but maybe some of what I've learned could be helpful to you.

2020 March 5


Vacuum Tube Voltmeter


Kodak Tri-X 400 @ E.I. 1600

Last I checked, one of the articles on repairing an RCA Volt-Ohmyst (VTVM, Part II) didn't have one or two of the photos that were supposed to go with it.  It should have them now. 

I'm getting ready to do the third article in the series, which will (hopefully) see the VTVM working as it should.  I think I've fixed all the major electrical / electronic issues with it... now it should just be a matter of putting good tubes in it.

2020 March 1

Sunday evening

New:  Vise Weld Project: Handle Repair.  For quite a while, this was the handle on the 1979 Taiwan Bench Vise.  The only thing keeping that handle from falling through was two, annoyingly small, bumpy tack welds.  The welds were just the right size that they could cause the handle to wedge itself in place every now and then. 

Recently I decided it was time to fix that.  Problem is, I didn't have the time, the machinery, or the inclination to machine new ends for it.  The only method I had handy was... well, give it a read...

2020 February 27

Thursday evening


That's not high-ISO noise or dust on the sensor;  it's snow.

After some gusty wind, the sky clears off.  It's around sunset, and the temperature is dropping.  The clear skies allow earth to radiate heat energy back into space.  This brings some cold overnight temperatures.

These are great conditions for nighttime photography around town, especially on film.  Cold, clear atmosphere provides good transmission of light.

Site Updates

I'm reorganizing some of the old articles, putting them in locations that make a bit more sense.  For example, the article on cleaning vinyl LP's will be in the Audio section.

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