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Deals & Stuff - Camera Gear and Film
These were current just before Christmas 2016;  I haven't checked lately, but some of these deals might still be on. 
10 Rolls Ilford HP5+ 400 (35mm)   $54.99

10 Rolls Ilford Pan F Plus 50 (120)   $61.74 w/ Free Shipping... fine-grained ISO 50 black & white film for your medium format camera. 

10 Rolls Kodak Portra 400 (120)   $66.86 w/ Free Shipping... great color film for your medium format camera.  I like the color palette of Portra;  it's not ultra-saturated, but you can always adjust that during the scan.

10 Rolls Kodak Portra 400 (35mm)   $72.99 w/ Free Shipping... Portra color neg film in 35mm format (aka 135).

10 Rolls Kodak Tri-X 400 (35mm)   $51.85 w/ Free Shipping... At today's prices, this is a deal.  What a great B&W film.

Antique Wood & Brass Tripod for large format cameras   $299... I've never used one of this type, but they sure look nice.  The seller has a bunch of them for sale right now;  that's all I know about these.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens   $299.98 w/ Free Shipping.  This is one that I keep wanting to get;  f/1.4 would be nice to have for night photography on film (Canon EOS 620).

Canon EOS 6D (Body Only)   $1,179.88 w/ Free Shipping.  1-year seller warranty.  One thing I like about the 6D is that it's a full-sized camera, yet it's not a clunker.  If you always thought the Rebel series were too small, you might like a 6D.  And it's got a full-sized sensor, unlike the Rebels or the 60D, 70D, etc. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III (Body Only)   $2,079.99 w/ Free Shipping, import model w/ 1 year parts, 30 day labor warranty by seller

2016 December 29

Updated:  Canon 6D Film Scanning.  A reader was wondering about 100mm vs. 65mm macro, etc., so I updated this.

One thing you will notice with a good macro-scan is that it can show the limitations of whatever lens you used on your film camera.  Back when I was using flatbed scanners, pictures made with a cheap lens on 35mm didn't look any worse than a good lens.  Now when I macro-cap stuff I often say "Should've used a better lens to take that one...". 

The Christmas tree photo lower down on this page was taken with Superia film, but the limiting factor in resolution wasn't so much the film;  it was the lens that was on the film camera.  I think it was Nikon's low-end 35-135 slide zoom.  No, actually, you know what?  Now I'm fairly sure it was a cheap department-store zoom lens paired with a Minolta X-700.

Also, for landscape detail you might find that negative film does best at +0 to +1 EV on the dial.  If there's low light and the picture is below +0 EV, the grain will obscure some of the detail. 

First Attempt at a Camera-Scan:  that reader gave me permission to put this photo up here, and I thought it might help some of you.  This is 110 film that was camera-scanned through a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. 

The reason why it looks pixelated is that the reader used an iPad Pro as the light source.  LCD monitor screens do exactly what you see there.  A dedicated light-pad (you should be able to find one here) will not introduce any pixelation. 

Read Slide Scanning to find out how to block out the light around the edges of the film, and this article for something to hold the film flat.

This scan was done with a non-macro lens.  A 1:1 macro lens will give much higher resolution, because you won't need to crop out so much empty space (which was already done here).  So, instead of being 500-some pixels wide, your 110 scan would be up in the multi-megapixel range.  35mm film scans would be at whatever pixel resolution your camera has.  For the 5D Mark IV it would be about 30 MP.

Now just so you know, I didn't post this to show how "bad" anyone's scan was.  My earliest camera scans looked like this, too, which is actually another reason why I wanted to post this.  (I used cellophane tape to stick a Fujichrome transparency to the computer screen.)  A big reason I put this up here is to show an example of that pixelated look, so you would know what that looks like. And as the reader points out, if you have a screen with smaller pixels (think iPhone or something), the effect will not be as prominent.

Canon EF 100mm... I know I keep talking about this lens, but it's really that good that you don't need to look any further if you shoot Canon full-frame DSLR's.  It also works great on Canon EOS film SLR's.  By the way, you might find some deals on the EF 100mm through this link;  if you buy your lens through there, it helps me keep this website on-line.

2016 December 25

Merry Christmas 2016!

2016 December 22


Only a couple days until Christmas!  If you still have Christmas shopping to do, here's a great last-minute idea.  No need to wait for shipping;  you can download immediately!

Electronics, Audio

A little while ago, a reader asked me how to troubleshoot an amplifier that makes a loud popping noise when it's powered on or off.  Well, I'll give this a try:

New Article:  How To Troubleshoot Amplifier "Pop".  I might add to this one later, but here are some ideas that I would try when working on an amp.


"Blacksmith Anvil" for $349 and up, minus a couple more search terms that are not actually anvils (nor even tools).  This price range is where you'll start to see more of the serious anvils.

2016 December 14

New Article:  Five Great Tools & Workshop Items, each for $25 or less. .  Great stocking stuffers for the handyman or DIY'er in your family.

2016 December 13


Only twelve days until Christmas!


Christmas gift ideas for metalworking enthusiasts... "Blacksmith Anvil" for $50 and up.  Many of these search results should be good usable anvils, including many track anvils which work just fine.  Also you might see swage blocks and that sort of thing. 

Radio Electronics

New Article:  Guide to Vintage Electronics, Part 2.  This one focuses on re-capping, the foundational repair for most types of vintage electronics.  I'd been meaning to do this article for a while. 

One of these days I think I'll also do an article on line-to-line and line-to-ground capacitors.  Meantime, check out the new article.

Again I want to thank you folks for reading this site!

2016 December 6

Light Metering

New Article:  Incident-Light Metering


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