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2016 November 30

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's hoping you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  More articles and stuff should be ready soon, but in the meantime...

Cyber Monday Deals Week, etc.

Extech Industrial True RMS Multimeter. Haven't tried this one, but True RMS is a good feature to have.  You electronics readers already know that stands for "Root Mean Square".  With a multimeter, that means you get a more accurate reading for AC voltages that aren't perfect sine waves.  Here is a lower-priced model that also has True RMS.

Extech EX655 600 Amp True RMS Clamp Meter.  Measures AC or DC current, has a low pass filter for VFD (variable frequency drive).  600 amps... you could check the current on your arc welder with that, with plenty of room to spare.

Extech MA61 60 Amp True RMS Clamp Meter (AC/DC).  Measures AC or DC current, and also has a low pass filter for VFD.  60 amps, probably enough for most common things you'd need to measure.

Film Cameras - Tested ... alright, this is not a designated holiday deal, just a listing of what's current on the 'Bay in the $25+ range (to avoid most of the crummy point & shoots from the year 2000).  And yep, there are some deals.  Even saw some Vilia cameras in there;  just don't get the "Vilia auto".

Right now there's a film-tested Mamiya RZ67 body on there.  Seems like a good deal;  you'd need a lens for it.  There are also other RZ67's on there, with lenses.  The 90mm Mamiya Sekor Z is probably the best focal length to get, if you only ever got one.

Light Metering

Right at the moment I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I do have an article, almost ready, about incident light metering vs. using the meter in your D/SLR camera.  I'm going to try to have this one ready soon.

2016 November 23

Early Black Friday Deals

Here are some that looked good.  By the time you read this, I don't know if these deals will still be on, but they were current as of the time:

Canon 5D Mark III, Body Only, Import version... $1,799

Canon 6D, Body Only, Import version.... $1,199.95.  Expect to pay more for the USA-market version w/ warranty.

Makita 18V LXT Cordless Drill Driver Kit.  As with all Amazon deals, click the link to see the price;  I can't list it here.

Makita 18V LXT 5-Piece Combo Kit... has the drill driver, impact driver, circular saw, recip saw, and a light. 

Eton Field World Band Radio.  AM/FM/SW bands, digital fine tuning, looks like a nice radio.

Evecase Canvas DSLR Travel Camera Backpack... a significant deal at the moment, it looks like.

2016 November 18

Tools & Woodworking

Almost forgot to mention... New ArticleEasy Tool Rack From a Two-By-Four. This one was ready a few days ago.  When the fall season is over and you want to put away the leaf rake, don't lean it in the corner... make a tool rack instead!

2016 November 15

Tools & Woodworking

This photo was up on Saturday evening or Sunday, but I moved it to here because it goes with a new article...

Block Plane

Fujifilm Superia 200

New ArticleBlock Planes.

2016 November 14

Film Developing

You folks from all around the world have been really enjoying the film articles, if your emails are any indication.  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you read this site.  The best thing about film, for me, is to know that it gives you joy in your life.

Many of you have been enjoying the Pushing Kodak 400TX article.  There's also the 12800 gallery if you haven't seen it. 


Kodak Tri-X 400 (medium format)
Pushed 5 stops (That's right, people:  EI 12800)

Yay film!

2016 November 12 & 13
Saturday & Sunday

The photo that was here... jumped over to Tuesday because there's a new article now.  Block planes!


Not sure if I mentioned it, but I meant to say that it was around Roll #23 and five months that the C-41 kit started to look spent.  One batch, five months since mixing, and 22 or 23 rolls:  it was right about there when that "bleach-bypass look" started to become really noticeable. 

If you have the skills, you can definitely stretch the Unicolor kit beyond the usual dozen rolls.  In case you missed it, see How to Develop C-41 Film and also C-41 Kit:  Shelf Life After Mixing?

Cheap 35mm film looks really good with a good scan, but of course I still want to try some 4x5 Ektar 100 or something. 

2016 November 11
Veterans' Day

Thank You!

To all who have served in the military, a big Thank You!!!

Site Map Updated

The Site Map has been updated with some photos.  There are a lot of articles and different sections on this website now;  I think the graphics make it a bit more intuitive to navigate.  Either that, or just quicker to choose.  Let me know what you think so far! 

Right now it's just the main category links that have graphics  Actually nope... now most of the sections have 'em, too, like this:

(Weather and Sky, that.)

2016 November 7

New Article:  Tool Handles, Part 2.   Handle from a tree branch!  This one is more of a how-to;  at least that's how it took shape.  Making a tree-branch-handle is a lot easier than starting with a whole tree.  The question is, does it work?  Let's find out.

2016 November 6

The Experience of Making Things

A digital camera can make so many pictures that we don't value them as much.  We've all heard this. 

The experience of shooting film is one reason why we love it. 

That's true for making things, too.  Pick something you can make.  Odds are that a machine can make it faster and cheaper.  But so what?

Often the hand-made version has better quality.  Things are more than just the sum of their raw materials. 

You pick up a cheap point-n-shoot camera from 2001.  You ponder it for a brief moment.  "Nah."  The 4x5 camera is calling you.  Why?  They both "take pictures", don't they?  There's a difference, though.

Making things by hand is that way, too.  Just a thought. 

Rare November Color Display

Couldn't not take pictures of this... amazing color for November!  I've really never seen anything like this before, this late in the year.

Autumn Colors, 4th November 2016

Foundation of Making Things

New Article:  Tool Handles, Part 1.  This first one is sort of a "how not to re-handle a sledge hammer".  This is a beginning story in a series on the most basic tools, mainly because I'm still in the learning and "gear" phase of blacksmithing, metalworking etc. 

A heavy sledge hammer is not the constant-use tool for a blacksmith, but when you have to shape heavy stock or weld the bigger pieces, that's when you need this kind of mass.  I was quite surprised when I saw the difference between what a 1 1/2 pound hammer could move, and what a 2 1/2 pound hammer could do... even on 1/2 inch stock.  4 lbs and up can be useful.

2016 November 5
Saturday Evening

November 3, 2016

Canon 6D with EF 24-105mm IS STM @ 32mm
Medium JPG

On the 3rd and 4th there was still so much colorful foliage... it looked like the third week in October.  The foliage changed much later this year, I guess from just the right combination of temperature and precipitation over the past couple months.  Somehow I think that's significant, but I don't know for sure. 

With colorful foliage being current into November, it gives me more chances to scan some of that 4x5 color work and have it look almost as if it could be timely.  I'll try not to wait until December to put a couple of nice 4x5 scans up here.  I really, really missed shooting color 4x5 this season and want to do that soon.

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