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2016 June 29

Wood Shop

New Article:  Shop Tips #02:  Clamping & Gluing.  A very simple shop tip that's useful to anyone who works with wood, no matter if you're a cabinet maker or a weekend handyman.

For the observant:  if the main photo from that article looks like Kodak Tri-X 400, that's because it is.  Developed in Ilfotec DD-X 1+9 for 12 minutes at 75 Fahrenheit.

2016 June 23

Film Developing

New Article:  Developing Film With Ilfotec DD-X.  A great developer, especially when used at 1+9 dilution (i.e., a dilution factor of 1/10th).  That makes it economical enough to compete with other developers, and it also lengthens the develop time to reduce percentage-error.  DD-X might not be the most grain-free developer, but it yields great tonality with Kodak Tri-X at box speed. 

2016 June 6

Mamiya RB67 Light Seals

They're here... 

They arrived from Japan a few days ago.  Now I just have to sit down one of these evenings and install them.  Many RB67's need new light seals;  the kit saves a lot of time.  I got mine through this link

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