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Rebuilt Version:  I accidentally deleted a bunch of news archive pages, and this was one of them.  So, I'm starting with the pictures and trying to remember what the subject was. Occasionally the picture had little to do with what I was talking about, but some of these I recognize as test pictures for film developing, or whatever.

2016 March 28

Film Developing

This was another scan version;  I still don't know which color rendition I prefer. 

2016 March 26

Film Developing

2016 March 25

Film Developing

2016 March 22

Film Books

I don't remember what I originally wrote for this entry, but this is an essential book if you're into film photography.  Get your copy and add it to your bookshelf;  I think you'll like this one.

2016 March 16

Light Metering Errors

This is one example of a photo where I definitely made a metering error.  The resulting picture is probably a good stop or two underexposed.  This, I remember, was supposed to have been EI 6400, but I also think the develop time was actually for EI 3200.  I was using a time that I found on some other website, and I now believe it should have been about twice as long for EI 6400.

So, let's figure one stop for metering error, and one stop for developing error.  See this article for a couple more examples.

2016 March 12


Z-Time Zero, Zero, Forty-Two

March 11, 2016
Canon Rebel T6S

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