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2015 March 30

That Canon 24-105 film gallery wasn't actually ready on the 28th;  the update was supposed to be for the 30th (whoops).  Some people saw it and wondered what was going on.  

So here it is:

Photo Gallery:  Canon EF 24-105mm IS STM with Velvia 50

Now you can see how well this lens does with a film camera.  No built-in lens correction algorithms here;  and that's OK with me.

2015 March 25

Very Expired Film

"Develop before IX-1970". 

Once in a while you can get usable photos from rolls like these.  Maybe.  Figure on shooting the film as if it were ISO 1.5.  Yes, I said 1.5.  Tripod required in full daylight.

The roll I tried from this batch gave zero usable pictures, although one partial.  It's because the entire roll had the emulsion gone, in a wide swath all down the middle.   This was an extreme case;  usually when I mess around with expired film (just for fun), it's stuff that expired 1-10 years ago.

For almost any purpose, you're better off using this if you want ISO 50 film. 

Speaking of which, I have a recent roll of Velvia 50 in 35mm to scan;  pictures shot with this lens.  


Been trying some green smoothie recipes based on a simple theme.  The "green" is from spinach and kale.  The rest is primarily fruit such as pineapple and orange.  Some people get an allergy-like symptom from fresh kale or spinach, but I think I figured a way to fix that.  I may do some further tweaking of the recipe a bit before posting it.  

For making green smoothies, this works pretty well as far as I've seen.  Not very quiet, though.   If you're serious about quiet and have the budget, then I suppose get one of these instead, because that would be the quietest blender you can get (and it's a Blendtec, as well).  But if you don't care about the noise, the Oster does OK with kale... and it's very low-priced.    That's sort of an apples-to-oranges comparison, I know;  they're opposite extremes in the blender market, and yet that Oster impresses me for making smoothies.

2015 March 17
Saint Patrick's Day

I don't seem to have any extra food on hand, otherwise I'd make a green smoothie in celebration of today.   Maybe later I'll pick up some kale and stuff.  In the meantime....

Review:  Oster Beehive blender

2015 March 16

Classic Review:  RB67 with some comparison to the RZ67.

2015 March 10

This photo crop has been enhanced to illlustrate something that commonly happens during film scanning:

Even without enhancement, this effect is very distracting in a photo.

Here's an article on how to prevent it.

2015 March 7

New:   Tri-X at 6400, Page 2

2015 March 5


2015 March 2

Updated:  the carrots article.  I had mentioned the possibility to add a couple things in there;  take a look.

Winter weather:   I just noticed these look pretty useful.   There were many times I wanted to get a better angle when photographing winter scenery, but it would have involved walking on slippery ground. 

It's not that there isn't lots to photograph in the winter;  it's that it's tougher to get to the places to photograph them!   I have to say, though, I actually did quite a bit of outdoor photography this winter, much of it on black & white film.   Sometimes, it's nice to get out and take photographs, even if it's just semi-random stuff. Not every shot has to be a sweeping landscape or a vibrant sunset;  sometimes, taking pictures is a goal in itself.

Kodak Tri-X 400 @ 6400.  Again.  Because it rocks.

I think this was probably f/4 @ 1/60th.  I remember the light meter was giving the wrong figure because of the bright sign, but I metered on the nearby building instead... sort of. 

2015 February 27
Friday eve.

Classic Review:  Smena 8M

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