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2014 November 29

(Discounts subject to change without notice)

Discounted:  Fisheye Lens for Holga 120.   Tons of cheap medium-format fun to be had with this one.    Fits onto the existing lens of your Holga 120.

Not sure that this one is a holiday discount, but right now I noticed the Kiev 88 with Arsat 80mm lens is selling at a good price.  These are the upgraded ones.  I've been planning to review one of these for a while;  they are well spoken of.   From what I know of this camera, it's worth getting.   Medium format (120 film), 6x6 cm.  80mm is the standard normal-angle lens (like a 50mm on your 35mm camera).

Here's another one that's not so much a holiday discount, but I didn't notice it before:  20 rolls of Fujifilm Superia 100.  Or, get 50 rolls of it through this link.   The price is good. 

The 100 speed Superia is a little tougher to find than the 200/400/800, and it's great for daylight shots in toy cameras that have that typical f/8 @ 1/100th second (such as the La Sardina).  It's also good if you're using your 35mm camera as a spot meter for something else that's shooting Velvia 100 or Ektar 100.

Speaking of which: 40 rolls of Ektar 100:  $229.99 with free shipping at the moment.  That's the way to buy it.  I shot a lot of Ektar this autumn (yep, I have to post some scans);  hands-down, the best color neg film if you like high saturation.  Great film.

Emile Henry pizza stone (red) - Right now I just noticed that it's selling for less than I paid for mine.  See my review of this stone;  of all the pizza surfaces I've used over the years, this seems to be one of the best.  

Lomography Fisheye #2 film camera is available at a discount.  Circular fisheye lens with fisheye viewfinder.  Unlike the Fisheye One, it has a flash hotshoe, Bulb setting, and multi-exposure mode. 

Lomography Sprocket Rocket (black) panoramic film camera, also discounted right now.   (I totally want one of these.)

How many times have you seen a nice landscape where you'd really just like to keep that narrow zone along the horizon and crop out the rest?  This camera uses two 35mm frames per shot, so it doubles the width of your photo without having to do any cropping.   And it leaves the sprocket holes in the picture.

Lomography La Sardina (Fischers Fritze edition) ultra-wide angle film camera.  Get it through this link and there are other designs, some at even lower prices.  

22mm ultra-wide lens... tons of fun to be had here.  The La Sardina has zone focus, so you can do close-up or far pictures.  I'll probably review this one at some point.

Any of these Lomography cameras would make great gifts for that film-obsessed person in your family.   I know, they're basically toy cameras, and yes you could probably buy a used film SLR for the same price... but I'm tellin' ya, these cameras are fun

Besides, each of these is a special-purpose camera that would either require special (expensive) lenses or a custom panoramic camera.  So you can't really get the same effect.   And, they look cool. 

2014 November 28
Day after Thanksgiving; 
Black Friday Sales

For those who couldn't make it to their destinations because of the snowstorm (or for whatever reason), may you get there safely as soon as you can, whenever that may be.  Some of you may still be shoveling out from under all the snow... take it easy, pace yourself, so that your family may be able to give thanks that you're around many years from now.

I know a lot of film shooters are looking forward to the next film article on here, and soon I'll have something good for you.    You folks are the best, and I hope you know how much I appreciate your reading my articles. 

As for the sales going on today, I've posted a few links....


If anyone is considering a computer system build, I'd be going for this deal right now.  (Saturday eve., 11/29:  price went back up.  Still a great CPU though.)

If I were going to build a new system for image editing, that's the CPU I would get today.

The Intel i7 will do better if you're a serious gamer, but the AMD 8-core is the better choice for image editing, especially if your application can use multiple cores.  (An increasing number of them are able to).

Just over a week ago it was up around $250 there.  At the moment it's still discounted substantially;  as with all these sales, prices could change at any time without notice.

This motherboard will work with that CPU.  Don't forget some DDR3 RAM.  You could get more, but that's about the minimum I'd install.  That'll fill two slots, so you could double the order and fill up all the slots for a total of 16GB.  (Some MB's have only two slots... I usually avoid these when building systems for people.)

Timex Watch

Timex Men's T2N700 Intelligent Quartz SL Chronograph... One left at the moment

Pizza Oven

Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven:  a couple still left. 

If you're serious about pizza (see my pizza book or my other pizza book), then you know a high temperature is required for the restaurant-style pies.   This oven can do reasonably well;  it gets hot enough to make NY style pizza.  Portable, propane-fired, not a bad little oven.

If you want to go one step better (hotter oven), get the Blackstone pizza oven

Baume et Mercier Watch

Capeland men's chronograph in satin brown.  Automatic movement, 27 rubies, water-resistant to 50 meters / 5 atmospheres.  Great aesthetics.  Still showing at a substantial discount.

Rokinon Ultrawide Lens for Sony NEX

12mm f/2.0 Ultra-Wide Lens for Sony NEX cameras.  "35mm equivalent" focal length would be about 18 to 19mm.  Currently available here, but at the moment, this link has the deal.

You can pick up an open-box NEX-F3 camera body (16.1 MP) through this link for a pretty low price. 

2014 November 27
Thanksgiving Day 2014

"Cato", huh?

Instead of commenting about the toil of snow shoveling today, I want to give thanks for one of the good aspects of snow...

Stuff to photograph.

Sometime In The Winter Of 2007 To '08
Fuji Finepix S7000
Photo was taken at low res (1 or 2 megapixels).

Today I'd get the 16-megapixel Finepix S1 for winter photography, because it's weather sealed.
It's the only bridge camera with that distinction.  For wet, snowy, cold days, that can be everything.

As for a weatherproof film camera, one of these days perhaps I'll put up a review of the Canon Sure Shot WP-1;  in the meantime, grab a used one through that link and have some fun with it.

Another good film camera for winter is this one.   Also completely weatherproof.
I'll have some winter film photos to post, especially when I finish the roll of TMax 400 I'm working on now.

Well, I know it's still technically autumn, but... 19 inches of snow in eastern WV sounds like winter to me.  Many other locations in the Northeast have 7" to 12" of snow.

Film Book:
Just looking over the draft of the film-related book to make sure it's all set; should be announced in the next update or two.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2014 November 25

Work is essentially complete on the film-related book;  I should have an update on here soon.

Tons of autumn pictures still await posting. 

The weather is officially ridiculous.  12 degrees Fahrenheit one night;  a couple days later it's almost 70 F.

Black Friday Deals Week continues until the 28th.

Here's a pretty nice deal: Refurbished Canon 70D.

And now for something completely different!

New article:

 Building a System For Image Editing, Part 1

(That includes film scanning and subsequent handling of the files, naturally.)

2014 November 16

Added a couple more pictures to the November's Last Color gallery.

2014 November 14
Friday evening


New galleryIn Search Of November's Last Color

Update:  Somehow the gallery had all but one picture;  they should all be there now.

2014 November 12
Wednesday evening

I decided to try the local film developing again, just to have some recent film pictures to put up here.  Usually I prefer pro labs, but hey... same day film.   Intense aqua-cyan sky color, just because I felt like it.

In Search of November's Last Color
November 12, 2014
Fuji Superia 400
Nikon 6006 with AF Nikkor 70-210mm f/4.5-5.6
f/5.6 @ 1/1000th (I think)

2014 November 11
Tuesday evening

Veterans' Day

Just wanted to say "Thank You!" to all the veterans who have served their country,  and those who are serving now.

Film Book

The film-related book is mostly written;  just have to do some formatting.  There are some other projects I'm working on.   Updates to follow, whenever.

2014 November 8

Saturday evening

New Book On The Way

It's film related.  It's something that readers have been asking me about.  And it's almost ready.

Today's Photo (From Today!)

Late-Season Maple
November 8, 2014
Canon EOS 6D

Now we're getting down to a very few colorful trees.  I'm not sure how many more days the season can extend, but there should at least be some brown-leaved oaks out there.  I sure like seeing autumn leaves better than the stuff that falls from the sky between autumn and spring.  The winter of 2013-'14 was one of the reasons I just don't want this autumn season to end.

Winter coming?  Nope!  Stop those leaves from falling.
Get out the super glue if you have to;  put 'em back on the trees!
No more snow.
Or at least let it melt away quickly.

It doesn't help that the weather networks have turned up the hype.  It's November;  I don't think it's that surprising that we're going to have the "coldest weather yet this autumn".  

I wonder if we really need enormous curved-globe maps to show the weather system encroaching on North America like it's a massive Red Dawn invasion.


Last night's weather was not an "arctic blast";  there was no monster snow-hurricane dropping columns of negative-hundred-and-ten-degree air on the place.  It was just a little chilly, and there I was out in the sun, photographing autumn foliage the next day.

Then again, I had to hurry up;  our son has turned into "The biggest kid he's ever been!"   My wife is feeding him now as we speak, and I can hear Kidzilla all the way here in the office.  

"You hurry up and feed him;  I'll get the snow shovel to fight the impending Monster Snow Hurricane!!!!  With four exclamation points!!!!"  (Said in a desperate full shout-- with sort of a wilting, overwhelmed quality-- because, you know:  it's those gale-force winds from last night's Arctic Blast.)

Real, severe weather is no joke, but not every weather event is a Monster Snow Hurricane.  I guess that's what I'm tryin' to say. 
That, and do we really have to name winter storms? 


In addition to the tag-along digital photos from today, I shot a roll of film.  A whole roll of fall color, as we're going into the second week of November... that's something, I guess, since autumn peaked about three weeks ago.   (More film-foliage galleries on the way.)

Much as I'd rather not see snow after that last winter, I still want to find that "last tree" when there's snow on the ground.  

Just a little bit of it, though.

2014 November 7

Pizza Surfaces

If you're going to make a thin-crust pan pizza, whether baking-powder or yeast-leavened, it's nice to have a decent 11x17 baking sheet.  What surprises me is the difficulty of finding one that's not aluminum or non-stick. 

The real stuff is a plain, carbon steel  baking sheet... the kind that acquires a "black rust" patina from years of use.  Not for kitchen weaklings, that's for sure.  Some people wilt at the mere thought of a rusty old piece of steel in their kitchen goods. 

I thought I found a plain steel baking sheet, but it's "aluminized steel".  Seriously, people:  let's see some plain steel bake pans, the kind that turn carbon-black with residue.

Since I'm on the subject of pizza: I just found a new supplier of serious pizza-baking surfaces. These are home-oven goods, made in USA. Maybe I'll try out one of their steels and review it.   In the meantime, I can tell you right now that a hot slab of steel is going to crisp the underside of a pizza crust very well.  I also like the looks of the pizza stones;  in my first pizza book I talked about the thermal qualities of a good baking surface, and it looks like these would do nicely.

New article... superzoom wide-angle comparison.  A quick rundown of wide-angle specs for some of the leading bridge cameras.

2014 November 5

I've got rolls of film back from the lab, late-autumn color, new articles in the works...  lots of good stuff on the way.

The Oak Tree Safari
Oct. 11, 2014
Canon T70 w/ FD 50mm f/1.8
Velvia 50

Here's a new gallery page.  All film.

There's also a new page for the new ebook that I mentioned a few days ago.

By the way, check out this color from November 3...

Ginkgo biloba
November 3, 2014

2014 November 3

Sony NEX-5 Deal

Limited-Time Sale (starts 10:40 AM):  over 35% off the Sony NEX-5TL with 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
- 16.1 MP APS-C sensor
- Pocketable
- Fast hybrid AF

November Color

In a previous update I was talking about fall color in November.  Now begins the search.
This is the context... about 95% leaf drop:

November 2, 2014
Panasonic DMC-FZ200
Widest angle (25mm equivalent)

Here's a group of maples with bright yellow leaves.  This one still has some green on this 40-degree November day.

November 2, 2014
Panasonic DMC-FZ200
Widest angle (25mm equivalent)

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