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2014 August 29

My Canon 40mm pancake lens has had quite a workout these past couple days.

Wednesday:  left it in the camera bag on the front seat all day.  Outside temperature was 90 F.   Interior temperature... easily 130+.

Thursday:  dropped it on the ground from oh, about 4 feet high while changing lenses. 

Friday:  Lens still works great! 

I'll have a more in-depth article about this little unplanned "experiment" with heat damage.  There's a roll of Velvia 50 involved.  The Canon 40mm was actually attached to my EOS 620 film camera.

Anyway, I got back Thursday evening after a photo shoot and neither of us felt like doing any fancy cooking.   I just made something easy.  Broccoli was included, of course.

Soon there's going to have to be some more pizza;  I haven't made one in a couple of weeks.  If you have a pizza stone,  hide it when your mother-in-law is visiting.  Otherwise you'll come home and it will be broken in half.

All kidding aside, our pizza stone might already have been cracked.  These stones never really last that long (although this one may be better).   I talk about pizza-stone alternatives in my pizza book.  

2014 August 25

Two recent galleries...

Canon SX50 Gallery, Page 3-  has a shot of the August 9th Supermoon.   Technically it was full supermoon on the 10th, as I understand it, but close enough for me.  

That gallery also has a wildlife shot you may be surprised to know was taken with this bridge camera.

Nature Walks and Scenic Drives  - includes a few Velvia 50 shots;  I still have more from the recent roll.

I'm working my way through another roll now, but that's for another gallery.

2014 August 21

Velvia 50
N8008 / Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Series E

I have some Fujichrome Velvia 50 slides back from the lab.  New gallery of photos should be ready soon. 

2014 August 14

Dear Flickr,

Please stop fetching more photos.

At least give us some way to turn it off.


I don't go on it that often (partly because of that), but I like to see what's new sometimes.

It's difficult even to do that, now that they've turned it into a photographic log jam. 

You get to a photo you like... and "fetching more photos" knocks it way down the page before you can click on it.  Then you have to scroll all the way down again.  But that's not all!  You get to experience near-constant hard drive thrashing, too.  It effectively shortens the life of your computer while you wait. 

Right now, ipernity seems like a good alternative.  It actually behaves much like the old Flickr. 

Most people know if they'll like a photo by seeing a moderate-sized thumbnail of it.  The interface is much faster.   (This link should take you directly to the film photography group pool.)


Minolta X700 w/ 50mm f/1.7
Kodak 400
Macro-lens "scanned"

Oh, and finally.... the new article is up.   "How To Cook Broccoli", and Other Tales.

2014 August 13

I'm going to have a new food-related article up soon, but in the meantime, here are a couple of recent photos.

CameraThis one
LensThis one
f/4 @ 1/1250th sec.
ISO 400

For the next photo, compare with the digital version here.)  

I like the film version better:

Color film... you tell me which one.  ISO 100.
Camera:  Nikon 4004s with 28-85.
I think this was f/11 at 1 second.

This was just how I liked the color processing for now.  These are my "scan settings", as it were.  I might change the color balance later... but nah, I think I like the colors this way.  Saturation is go!! 

2014 August 6

TinEye image search is a useful tool, but it does have some limitations.  Two reasons...

Reason 1.  Someone steals your images and uses them in an auction listing.  We're talkin' total, in-your-face disregard for your copyright.... the guy even clones out your watermark.  TinEye cannot find the images.  You'll have to stumble upon them by accident. 

Reason 2.  You create your own original picture.... and Tin Eye confuses it with existing ones! 

How do I know?  My image of the Canon 6D without lens.   I would be able to spot my version pretty easily, even though TinEye apparently gets confused.   I also have the full-res original.   Copyright infringers might try to upsample the stolen pictures, but they're never the same.  Detail gets lost.

So anyway, I did all that work to create my very own image of a Canon 6D in the studio.  And then, here comes TinEye telling me that my image is already on websites from a year before I even made that photo. 


The good news is that if you use the "compare" feature, you can immediately see the differences.   The feature allows you to switch back and forth rapidly between the two versions:  yours vs. someone else's.  

In this case, TinEye was even confusing pictures of the 5D Mark II / III with my picture of the 6D.  And when I looked at the other 6D images, they were not even close... their lighting was from different angles, etc, etc.  

Glad they have that comparison feature.   Thank you for that, TinEye.

It's a useful tool, but you have to use it intelligently. 

It just goes to show... in almost anything, there is no substitute for manual override.

2014 August 4

It's time for some more fun with 110 film cameras....  there's a new article.

I'll probably add some more photos to the page when I find my 110 negatives.  I also have a roll of 110 film that I started this weekend.  Yay for submini film photography!

2014 August 1

I've been posting a couple of square pictures from the Olmpus Stylus Epic Zoom 80.  

Wait a minute, this camera doesn't take square pictures. 

So what's the story?  Find out here.

By the way, that also reminds me... one of these days soon, I'll be posting more stuff in the Food section.  I may be shuffling some pages around to organize things better there.  We'll see. 

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