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Miscellaneous Stuff!

This section is sort of a catch-all for various articles about technology, computers, and audio. 
It's also the home of assorted photography subjects that might or might not be in the other areas of this site.   (If you're looking for articles about cameras and film, be sure to see this page and this page.)

I'll be adding new articles to this section.  As always, you can support this website by shopping through the links on any of the pages.

Main Categories:
Assorted Photo Articles & Gear
Audio & Stereo
Computers & Tablets
Rants, Assorted
Various Gadgets & Tech Reviews

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Assorted Photo Articles & Gear

Tripods: Who needs them?  -  plus, a look at some affordable models

Audio & Stereo

120 Studio guide to Audio Gear

Cleaning Vinyl LP's

Cleaning Vinyl LP's, Part II:  Hints and Tips

Compact Disc in a Hot Car

Compact Disc Repair (How to Fix Scratched CD's)

Low-Priced Turntables

Recording Vinyl LP's - a how-to guide

Computers & Tablets

Building A Computer For Image Editing

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 - the new tablet PC from Samsung  (May 2014)

because it's good.

Mp3 Players:  Choosing a Portable that's Linux-Compatible

Netbooks:  How to Fix the Notorious "Jumping Cursor" Problem  (the easy way!)


A Super-Cheap AM Antenna

Danger:  Hot Chassis!

Sangean WR-11 Review

Solar Power for Any Radio

Rants, Assorted

The Bean Counters vs. The Film Counter

The "Free iPad" Scam That Won't Quit

Why I Can't Stand Smartphones  - a partly-satirical, partly serious look at these ubiquitous gadgets

Various Gadgets & Tech Articles

Buyer's Guide to Vintage Electronics, Part 1

HEPA Filters and Why You Need One!!!!!!
(Yes, I know the excessive number of exclamation points is rather obtuse, but this is an important subject...)

Power Supply PS-1501 a linear supply from China.

Surge Protectors and the 25-cent part that's killing your electronics

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I hope you enjoy my articles & photography.  Thanks for visiting!

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