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What is art? 
What is fine art?

Neither of these terms really has an objective definition.  There are only subjective definitions that are more or less "accepted". (Now go ahead and try to define "accepted".)

Art cannot be defined as readily as the size of a pixel or the thickness of a film stock.

And so, here are my definitions.  

"Art" is what I want to look at, just for the sake of it.

"Fine Art" means I make the extra effort to use good presentation materials & methods to show the stuff I want to look at.

Everyone has their own definitions, but those are what work for me.  Somewhere on this site there's probably a formal artist statement with better definitions, but I can't remember where it is right now.

Art Gallery - Main Index

Autumn Foliage - Digital
Autumn Foliage - Film
Autumn Foliage - Film, continued

Autumn Foliage 2014 - Early Fall Color 1
Autumn Foliage 2014 - Early Fall Color 2

Black & White

Instant Film

Large Format Film
Large Format Film 2 (Rusty Cars - 2016)

Nature Walks and Scenic Drives  (2014 Aug.)

Rural Scenes
Rural Scenes, continued

Sunsets, Skies, & Clouds
Sunsets, Skies, & Clouds 2
Sunsets, Skies, & Clouds 3


Camera-Specific Galleries

This section needs to be updated;  there are galleries for other digital cameras that I've reviewed, although I concentrate mostly on film.

   Canon EOS 6D Gallery, Page 1  /  Page 2  /  Page 3

   Canon EOS Rebel T3 Gallery

   Canon SX50 HS Gallery, Page 1   /   Page 2  /  Page 3

   Canon SX120 Gallery

   Konica C35 Gallery

  Southern California Gallery    (How to Choose a Vacation Camera!)

Film-Specific Galleries

   110 Film 

   Ilford HP5 Plus at 400 (Large Format) 

   Ilford HP5 Plus at 12800 (Medium Format) 

   Kodak Ektachrome and Elite Chrome 

   Kodak Tri-X at 6400, Page 1  

   Kodak Tri-X at 6400, Page 2  

   Kodak Tri-X at 12800 

   Unicolor C-41 Kit, Page 1  /   Page 2

Lens-Specific Galleries

   Canon EF 24-105mm IS STM gallery (film)

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