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Film has a certain magic.  Even though 110 film is grainy and not very high-resolution, the pictures still have that "film look".  They are especially reminiscent of the Seventies and early Eighties, when many people used 110 cameras.   This was the "affordable vacation camera" format of its time. 

Unlike 35mm, the 110 aspect ratio doesn't need to be cropped much for 8x10, 9x12, and 11x14.  These would be about the biggest enlargements practical for 110, because it starts to look grainy.  To me, though, that's part of the fun of 110.

Rusty Mailboxes


Minolta Pocket Autopak
Expired 110 film (ISO 200)

A pair of blue mailboxes, slowly rusting.   I'm finding that towns like to replace rusty old stuff with new, bland stuff.  So you have to look for scenes like this all over the country while you still can, because there are people working round the clock to turn everything into plastic, vinyl, and particle board.


Aug. 5 or 6, 2014
Minolta Pocket Autopak
Expired 110 film (ISO 200)

Old Shed With Metal Roof

The Canon shutter was permanently at about a 25th of a second, and I think the aperture was stuck at the widest aperture.  (This camera has an electronic shutter that can go bad.)  The pictures were all at least a few stops overexposed, yet the Tiger Color 200 produced usable photos.  It's good film.

Approximately Level With An Elephant's Eye

Minolta Pocket Autopak


Minolta Pocket Autopak
Expired 110 film (ISO 200)

A railroad track runs past an old industrial building.

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