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1. ) Copyright Notice 

2.)  Licensing & Usage

3.)  A Word About "Free" Requests

Copyright Notice

I wouldn't walk into your gallery and claim your work as my own, and I expect the same in return.

Images from this site may not be taken, "appropriated", re-posted, re-published, or copied without advance written permission.  See "Licensing & Usage", below.  Do it right, and everyone wins. 

OK Uses

I encourage you to share links to my site on Facebook or Twitter. 

I also encourage you to email links to your friends. 

Not-OK Uses

Taking the images themselves, or re-posting the images anywhere is not acceptable.

I don't currently offer any Pinterest-licensed images.  I may re-visit this topic later, though.

What I Really Can't Stand

I can't stand it when people take someone else's photography and represent it as their own.

I also can't stand it when the stolen photos are used to make money... meanwhile the photographer is knocking himself out to try to make an honest living.  That kind of situation really ticks me off big time.

Registered Copyrights!

My site is in the process of registration with the US Copyright Office.  Infringement may result in damages well above the standard licensing rates.

Cheesy, Thefty Websites:  Listen Up

There are some website operators out there who think they can make a sport of copyright infringement. 

They seem to believe they can somehow avoid fallout by not publishing their contact email.  When it comes to infringement, that's not an obstacle.  Their Internet Service Provider will be compelled to give that information in the event of an action. 

And there's also that whole Photo Stealers thing.... 

Really, it doesn't make sense to steal someone's pictures.  

Licensing & Usage

Most photos are available for commercial or individual licensing.  Pricing depends on usage (circulation, photo size, etc) and normally starts at $300.   (Unauthorized use automatically starts at $300 x 5, per incident, plus recovery costs.)

For individual bloggers there may be some very affordable options, provided you include a link back to this website.  Please contact me;  email address is listed at the bottom of most pages, including the site news page.

I have full-resolution versions of most of the pictures on this site.  For some photos I have RAW files or slides / negatives;  however, some digital photos were shot in JPG only.

"Editorial Use Only"

Certain images can be licensed for editorial use only.  Photos that show trademarked logos (e.g., fast-food restaurants) would be one example.   That means if you want to buy a license to use the photo, your usage would be legally restricted to "editorial use only". 

Do It Right and Everyone Wins

If you don't have the budget to pay licensing fees for pro photography, you're still free to visit this website and view the pictures any time you want. 

If you're with a business or organization, there's every reason to do it right and license the photos properly.  Photos are part of advertising and web development costs, and those are tax deductible expenses for most any organization.  Depending on the usage and pixel size you need, there could be a licensing option available for even a modest budget.   Send me an email.  

Do it right, and everyone wins. 

I take copyright seriously.  Please read the Copyright notice, above.

A Word About "Free" Requests

Perhaps you saw me at an event taking photos.  Photographers are constantly taking pictures of people, stuff, and places;  that's what they do.

Some of the events have been related to organizations or businesses.  As I'm sure you know, real businesses have to pay real money for their expenses.  They pay for fuel, professional services, advertising, and numerous other expenses.  These organizations also ask real money for their services, whether directly from the client, or indirectly in the form of donations and grants. 

Even the people who run the Red Cross have to make a living.

If I make a charitable donation to some organization, that's one thing, but I can't give away photography.  To get to these events, I had to pay for all my travel expenses and food, as well as using up time when I could have been doing something else to earn money.  In economics, that's called "opportunity cost".  Just because I happened to be somewhere already, that doesn't mean my other expenses went away.  There is still the time required to scan, edit, organize, and so on.   There is also the opportunity cost of not being somewhere else.

Free pictures don't pay for camera repairs, fuel, lodging, utilities, or new lenses.  I'd love to be able to do free requests, but photography for me is not a hobby.  I have a family to support and bills to pay.

If I have any photos you might like to use for your website, brochures, or other promotional materials, I'd be glad to furnish you with a quote for the licensing fee.  There may be the option for royalty-free licenses (i.e., one-time fees) for web use, and also ones for print (magazine etc.) use. 

The alternative, which anyone is free to do, is to get their own camera and take their own pictures.   It's a free country, and you're free to spend years learning to be a good photographer.  Or, ask your Aunt Betty to do the photography for you. 

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