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Although most of my work is on film (find out why), here's a gallery of images I've made with the Canon 6D (review here).  

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Sunset With Thin Crescent Moon

Canon EOS 6D with Chinon 55mm f/1.4 (M42 to EOS adapter)
ISO 400
f/5.6 (I think) @ 1/40th second handheld

AF and image stabilization make you weak.   Sometimes I need to take a break from them (another reason to shoot film, too). 

I'm surprised at how sharp the crescent moon came out, considering it was 1/40th of a second with no tripod (and no IS). 

Had I used an image-stabilized (IS) lens, the 1/40th shutter speed would have been a piece of cake.   If you get a 6D body and you want an inexpensive IS lens so you can get out there and take pictures, just get this lens or this one and you'll be off to a great start.  You'll find both focal lengths useful for landscape photography.  (Get any of your cameras or gear through these links and you can help keep my site on-line.  Much appreciated.)

You can pre-adjust saturation in-camera, just as with most any Canon DSLR.   But I did most of the sat adjustments after the fact. 

Mountain Pies

Canon EOS 6D with Chinon 55mm f/1.4 (M42 to EOS adapter)
ISO 200
f/4 (I think) @ 1/200th handheld
Auto color mode
No significant post-processing

Click here for full-size version

Even at 800-pixel-wide JPG's, a full-frame DSLR gives a subtly smooth, mellow quality to the images.  Smaller sensors-- especially less than about 4/3"-- tend toward images that are more crispy or crunchy looking. 

Crispy is also what'll happen if you leave your mountain pie on the coals for too long, buddy.  

(By the way:  Get a round pie iron here and the recipe book here, and have some serious camping fun.)

The Canon 6D is worth getting, even if for no other reason than the detailed images with that smooth tonality you get from full-frame.  If you're even remotely thinking about getting a 6D and you can budget it, go for it.  (Camera body with no lens available here.)


June 9, 2014
Canon EOS 6D with Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E (Nikon F to Canon EOS adapter)
ISO 1600
f/2.8 (I think) @ 1/60th
Landscape color mode
No significant post processing.
Click here for larger (1600 px wide)

The Canon EOS 6D is a low-light superstar.  Between the colors and the low-light performance, you can get gorgeous images without having to do much, if anything to them.  This breaks my generalization of "no one displays straight-from-camera images".  A lot of the older digital cameras made pictures that looked kind of cruddy unless you did stuff to them.  That's still true of smaller-sensor digital cameras, for the most part. 

For some reason, Canon DSLR's have just the right "something" that you don't have to sit there tweaking the pictures after the fact.  At least, not always. 

Purple Loosestrife With Sun Flare

Canon EOS 6D with Chinon 55mm f/1.4 (M42 to EOS adapter)
ISO 200
f/2.8 (maybe) @ 1/1000th
Auto color mode
No significant post processing

McDonald's Brick Storefront At Night

Canon EOS 6D with Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM
ISO 800
f/3.5 @ 1/40
Click here for larger version (1600 pixels)

No post-processing other than a bit of perspective correction. 

Grocery Shelf

Canon EOS 6D with 28mm f/3.5
ISO 800
f/3.5 @ 1/200th

The thing that causes blocked sunsets may have friends in the grocery department.  See, there's one element in this photo that is creating tension.  Here's a hint.  It's the one that's almost in a gravity-defying pose, thumbing its nose at physics.   Come on, how can that bottle lean like that?  Once you notice it, you can't just sit and enjoy the photo.   Hey, that bottle is gonna fall, won't someone fix it?

So, the net result is that I have to drive all the way back to the store and re-take the photo.  See how that works? 

That just makes me more determined to take more photos.

"Hey, there's some guy in the juice section rearranging the bottles, and he's muttering about blocked sunsets or something."

You know what?    Photography is hard work.  Reminds me of the night I almost got mugged, down the street from that fast-food restaurant pictured above.  (Yes, it was that same night.)  It was some weird dude that smelled like a barrel of scotch.  He was wearing knee-high fishing boots in the middle of downtown.   He had no concept of personal space.   (And you're surprised, why.)   

It was at that moment that I wished I still had my 1970's Russian half-frame camera that's basically a block of solid steel.  

So anyway, I got out of there;  and none too soon, I'm sure.

Like I was saying.... photography is hard work.  

Lightning Bolts

Canon EOS 6D with Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM
ISO 200
f/14 @ 30 seconds

I prefer RAW for lightning and sunsets, but this one came out well even in JPG mode. 

One great thing about the 6D is that its full-frame sensor doesn't get as noisy on those long exposures.  APS-C cameras are good for low light, but long shutter times really bring out the noise. 

Old-School LCD Screen

Canon 6D with EF 40mm 2.8 STM
ISO 400
f/6.4 @ 1/160th

Image was brightened in post.  Even at f/6.4, the 40mm pancake lens is showing some nice background blurring.  Whether you use APS-C or full-frame... if you don't have the 40mm pancake lens yet, just get it

I hope you've enjoyed this gallery or otherwise found my website helpful.  You can show your support for this site by using the links to purchase any of your gear... cameras, tablet PC's, pretty much anything. 

If you're thinking of buying a Canon EOS 6D and this gallery was helpful to you, please purchase your camera through this link and it really helps me out.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for visiting my website!

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